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Shielder Capital Sustainability Strategy

At Shielder capital, we recognize that responsible sustainable practices and investments go hand in hand. With the vast and complex global challenges that we face in terms of ESG, our commitment to corporate responsibility is at the forefront of our actions. To ensure we meet this responsibility to the best of our ability, we have set ourselves ambitious long-term sustainability goals, which are as follows:

Our Sustainability


Sustainability is about taking actions
that create positive impact both
today and in the future. Real assets
play a pivotal role in society. Across
residential, commercial, logistics,
and infrastructure they serve basic
human needs such as housing,
workspaces, healthcare, energy,
connectivity, and transportation.
The impact we have as the real
assets industry – both on the natural
environment and the people that live
within it – cannot be downplayed or

Become a leading
sustainable investor in real
assets with a consistent UN

PRI five-star rating from
2025 onward.

Become a leading global
impact investor in the real
assets sector

with a meaningful part
of our assets under
management in impact
investments¹ by 2040.

Be an employer of choice in

the Real Asset sector, where
everyone feels included, repre-
sented, and valued equitably.

Achieve net zero carbon ²

status across our corporate

operations and real asset
portfolio by 2040 or earlier,
with a clear ambition to
execute as fast as external and our shareholder requirements permit.

Net Zero Carbon


While the transition to a low carbon
economy will undoubtedly present
challenges, we believe that a
proactive approach will help to
protect and enhance long-term
investment value. Climate change
poses significant risk, but also
creates new opportunities for value
creation and differentiation.

Shielder Capital has defined a company-
wide net zero carbon strategy that
sets out steps for how we will
identify and manage the transition to
a low carbon economy, both for our
corporate operations and Real Estate Investments.

Mid-Term Decarbonisation Targets


Strategic Goal & Timeframe

¹ Arising from scope 1, 2 and 3 energy consumption.
² Subject to periodic review in line with best practice science-based target setting methodologies.
³ With the aim of increasing tenant data coverage.
⁴ Prioritising the use of supplies that demonstrate additionality in growing overall capacity for renewables.
⁵ Where regional energy supply markets allow.
⁶ Applicable to all assets but flexible in level of detail, depending on scope of landlord control and materiality of transition risk.
⁷ Where lease arrangements and phased maintenance and replacement programmes allow.
⁸ Where Shielder Capital has full authority over the development process.
⁹ Where Shielder Capital has full authority over the development process.
¹⁰ The boundary of the commitment is defined in our Net Zero Carbon Strategy paper.

ESG is firmly embedded in our Investment Process

Building trust, increasing real estate efficiency and reducing operational risks.

Shielder Capital Policies

Shielder Capital Supplier Code of Conduct


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