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Shielder Capital is a European real estate investment and asset management company with offices in Germany (HQ) and the Netherlands who is founded in 2023 and acts also as a joint venture partner for sovereign wealth funds, international pension funds, investment banks and family offices.

At Shielder Capital, we believe in the power of sustainable investing to create positive change in communities. By aligning our investment strategies with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, we aim to not only generate financial returns for our investors but also contribute to the long-term well-being of the communities we operate in. Through responsible investments, we seek to support projects that prioritize social development, preserve the environment, and promote diversity and inclusion.

"At Shielder Capital Invest, we take pride in being real estate investors who understand the value of making a positive impact on the communities we serve. As guardians of capital, we recognize our role in enhancing the lives of future generations. With a focus on real assets, we have the opportunity to create a lasting difference and improve the overall quality of life for years to come" – , R van den Heuvel, CEO Shielder Capital Invest


Since we were founded, Shielder Capital Invest's core strengths have helped us generate value throughout multiple economic cycles. Our expertise in real estate investment, market analysis, and strategic decision-making enables us to identify profitable opportunities and deliver exceptional returns to our investors. With a strong focus on long-term sustainability and risk management, we are committed to creating a robust investment portfolio that withstands market fluctuations and maximizes growth potential.

01 Trusted Investor

With nearly 22 years of experience in real asset markets, Shielder Capital Invest has established itself as a trusted partner in the field of real estate investment. Our expertise and deep understanding of the market allow us to provide our clients with reliable investment opportunities, ensuring a long-lasting and successful partnership built on trust.

02 Independent Thinking 

As Europe's fully independent real estate investment investor, Shielder Capital Invest possesses the agility, flexibility, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to optimize opportunities in the market. With our expertise, we aim to revolutionize the real estate investment industry, providing our clients with a trusted partner who understands their unique investment goals and helps them achieve long-term success. Meet our leaders.

03 Global Reach

At Shielder Capital Invest, our expertise in real estate investment extends far beyond our home in Emmerich an Rhein, Germany. With a global reach, we proudly boast a team of highly skilled experts spread across various markets in Europe. This allows us to tap into a wealth of local knowledge and opportunities, ensuring that we receive the best investment options in an ever-expanding global market. Find our locations.

04 Sustainability is Core

As part of our strategy to make a meaningful difference through sustainability and impact investing, at Shielder Capital Invest, we are committed to achieving net zero carbon across our operations and portfolio by 2040. We firmly believe that sustainability is at the core of successful real estate investment, and by prioritizing environmental responsibility, we aim to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Track our sustainability.

05 Strong Performance

At Shielder Capital Invest, we pride ourselves on our strong performance. Our investments consistently outperform industry benchmarks, creating solid and long-term investments. With our expertise and dedication, we strive to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations, ensuring financial success and peace of mind. Discover our investment strategy.

06 Cutting-Edge Insights

At Shielder Capital Invest, our expert teams work hand-in-hand with innovative AI tools to deliver cutting-edge research and market intelligence. By harnessing the power of advanced technology, we equip our investments with indispensable insights that pave the way for success in the real estate industry.


Collaborating for Global Education

At Shielder Capital Invest, we believe in making a positive impact. We understand that education is the key to creating a better future, as it plays a vital role in building communities and ensuring sustainable futures for all. That's why we are committed to supporting foundations and initiatives dedicated to providing quality education to those in need. By investing in education, we aim to empower individuals and contribute to the development of a more inclusive society.

At Shielder Capital we believe that all lives are equal.


Sustainable futures

At Shielder Capital, we understand the significant impact that real estate has on global energy usage and CO2 emissions, directly contributing to climate change. We recognize the crucial role and responsibility of the real estate sector in promoting sustainability. That's why we are dedicated to reducing carbon footprints by implementing eco-friendly practices and investing in properties that prioritize energy efficiency. Join us in creating a more sustainable environment through carbon reduction in real estate investment.


We say this because we are observing a continual upward trend in their investment volumes. At the same time, their portfolio allocations are rising, as are the number of investments that are reinvested.

The bigger and more global investors become, the more they seek to diversify their investments and minimise risk.

For Shielder Capital, diversification is not just about channelling equity into real estate, it is more about investing in real assets.

Given these developments, furthermarket consolidationcan be expected:

Shielder Capital increasingly want to work with strong business partners in partnerships of equals, also looking for a broad investment spectrum spanning different types of asset classes. 

Digital solutions and innovation are bringing about sweeping changes in the real asset industry and driving new business models.

Introducing the very latest technology is crucial if you want to remain relevant as a partner of institutional customers, develop new solutions for investors and thus add even more value.

Since Shielder Capital was founded, we have established ourselves as a pan-European real estate investor. We have consistently met the evolving demands of our customers, making us a top choice for real assets in Europe. As the requirements of our clients continue to grow more complex, we are committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Investment Strategy

Purchase Criteria

Purchase Criteria

The factors that drive real estate investments arecentral to attractive returns. Our purchasing strategies deliver diversity in terms of sector, investment style and location.

Our Culture & People

Our Culture & People

At Shielder Capital, we make a deal with people that captures everything we stand for, pulls us together as a team and sets us apart from others.



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