Our purpose is to build communities and sustainable futures. Real estate plays a pivotal role in society.

Across residential, commercial and logistics, it serves basic human needs such as housing, workspaces, infrastructure for healthcare and transportation of goods. Acting responsibly has always been part of Shielder Capital's business approach. As a leading partner for global real assets, Shielder Capital is aware that real estate is one of the largest contributors to worldwide energy consumption and CO2 emissions driving climate change. As a real estate expert, Shielder Capital understands its role and responsibility as an investment and asset manager of real estate to create a more sustainable environment by reducing environmental harm and contributing to society in a positive way.


Real estate investing

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Shielder Capital real estate portfolio reflects every part of the value chain:

Investors turn to Shielder Capital for its broad offering and detailed expertise, not only within different classes of property use, but also across different risk classes. For example, it offers comprehensive service packages that include all kinds of add-on support options, at every stage of the investment value chain. It also goes without saying that investors can pick and choose which services they require individually.

We understand real estate investments

Our Culture & People

Whether your approach to real estate investments is based on private, semi-professional, retail or institutional motivations, we match investments to your strategies.

Investment Strategy

We regularly have new openings for people from all kinds of backgrounds, including from different industries. Perhaps there’s a position that’s just right for you right now.


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